Who is TriStar ?

TriStar Motors LLC

Established in 1998

DMV Teaching License CCC004

We are three retired training managers from the SFPD.

One day Officer Tom Kracke came down with bone cancer.

We sought to raise as much pocket money for Tom as his pockets would hold.

Tom had huge pockets.

Tom & his sons were able to travel & bond prior to his untimely death.

This legacy continues today with a robust vehicle donation program.

The Chief, Fred Lau insisted we become licensed as dealers.

To hell with the so called charity exemption.

Thank You Chief Fred Lau

Our path to licensing led us to become the

oldest & largest car dealer school in California.

Our family business of teaching continues today.

Pre License Training

Registration Agent Training

VIN Verification Agent Training

Continuing Education for all existing dealers.

Founders Al Perini & Willis Garriott have joined Tom.

We look forward to carrying on this fine tradition.

The Weatherman Star 974